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I moved to Lenoir from the Raleigh area where I lived for about 8 years. Prior to that time I lived on the upper Outer Banks of NC (also working in real estate) & spent my childhood/early adult years in Virginia Beach, VA. Upon earning a BS in Psychology & an MA in Early Childhood Education, I taught in both Wake & Caldwell Counties. This area's friendly people, magnificent & varied landscape, along with its strategic, central location so near NC's major cities have kept me here ... this is my HOME!

After a lifetime of working with people of all ages, through many facets of the service industry, I am very grateful to have found working in real estate to be a fulfilling endeavor! I love my job! People are dealing with a lot of pressure whether they are leaving a home full of memories or pursuing a new dream; the process of buying/selling one's home, land or business can be an emotional roller coaster. The decisions involved in narrowing the field (of competition or choices), pricing, negotiations, inspections, contractors, finances, and basically how to protect oneself in this arena can be overwhelming & scary! I'M HERE TO HELP; let me be YOUR RESOURCE! I'll give you all the information & tools you'll need to feel confident making YOUR OWN CHOICES! I have the necessary connections, experience & expertise to keep you protected & help you find what you are looking for; my detail-oriented nature will work to your benefit while I help you by protecting & pursuing YOUR BEST INTERESTS, taking the Pressure Out Of The Process!! How exciting, I see a world of new possibilities on your horizon!

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